ICCS, ISAC and ASCP BOC to Launch New Conjoint Certification in Cytometry

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Helpful FAQ regarding the new cytometry certification:


New Conjoint Certification in Cytometry

The International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC), the International Clinical Cytometry Society (ICCS) and the American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification (BOC) announced today they have reached an agreement to develop, administer, and maintain a new conjoint credential in Cytometry to be issued by the BOC. This new credential will be launched in the Fall of 2017, and will replace both the ICCE (CCy) and the QCYM (ASCP) recognition programs. By combining forces for this new credential, the three societies will be able to increase the impact of cytometry certification in clinical and research fields around the world.

“ASCP BOC’s involvement in the cytometry certification program will strengthen the credential and the field of cytometry,” said Paul Wallace, President of ISAC. “ASCP BOC can open doors to the possibility of state licensure for certified cytometrists that ISAC and ICCS cannot do on its own.”

“ASCP is the world’s largest professional membership organization for pathologists and laboratory professionals. Having a certification that includes their endorsement will bring a high recognition factor to the cytometry credential,” said Bruce Greig, Chair of the ICCE certification advisory committee and member of ICCS.

“ISAC and ICCS have proven that there is a worldwide demand for a cytometry certification program” said Pat Tanabe, Executive Director, ASCP Board of Certification. “Combining our Qualification in Cytometry with the ICCE certification program will increase our impact in the field of cytometry.”

Until the new ASCP BOC certification is launched in the Fall of 2017, the ICCE program and the QCYM will continue to be available with business as usual as the transition unfolds. Current holders of the ICCE certification (CCy) will be offered the opportunity to receive the new conjoint ASCP BOC Certification in Cytometry without taking the new Cytometry Exam and at no additional cost. All of the details of the changes and more information on the new exam will be published on the ICCE, ISAC, and ASCP websites once they are approved by the ASCP Board of Governors (BOG) this coming spring.

ISAC and ICCS, with generous support from the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, developed and launched the International Cytometry Certification Examination (ICCE) program in September 2011 to benefit cytometrists around the globe. That support will continue with the new credential to now be offered by ASCP BOC.


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The International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) is a global scientific society with more than 1700 members in 52 countries. Its mission is to serve a multidisciplinary community by leading technological innovation, scholarship, and the exchange of knowledge in the quantitative cell sciences, and its vision is to advance the impact of cytometry in meeting current and emerging challenges in the life, biomedical, and physical sciences.

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