corporate lunch & learn

The Corporate Lunch & Learn sessions will be held on Sunday, October 6 from 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM and offer an opportunity for you to hear about the latest products from the participating companies. There is no charge to attend. This is a "bring your own lunch" session. Attendees that arrive at the session by 12:10 PM will receive a 10 USD Visa gift card as compensation for their lunch purchase.

12:00 PM - BD Biosciences

    “Multicolor Panel Design for Clinical Flow Cytometry: Opportunities and Challenges”

    Joseph A. DiGiuseppe, M.D., Ph.D.
    Director, Hematopathology & Special Hematology Laboratory
    Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT

    In L&L Screening, we know basic markers we want to use to screen for T & B-cell neoplasia.  This baseline and the need for reproducible results on 8, 10 & 12 color instruments has driven a consensus effort by ConTexFlo to design an and optimize a flexible panel for T-cell & B-cell screening and an effort by Hartford hospital to extend these learnings to the 12Color FACSLyric.  

    The ConTexFlo panels are optimized for the age of Car-T Cell Therapy and Bi-specific T-cell engagers like Blinatumomab.   In this talk we will show both T & B cell examples.  We will show that with a single B-cell tube we are teasing out not just normal cells but 2 different phenotypic abnormal lineages.    We do this through the use of drop-in’s which is a concept we will outline thoroughly.    We will also show the consolidation of the Hartford Hospitals differential tube used to distinguish basic cell types and our myeloid/progenitor into a single unique 12C panel complete with B & T cell markers built using the 12C FACSLyric.  The 12 Color world is better experienced using PerCP in the FL3 detector.  This tube is utilized to show AML and will be used to help detect MRD in bone marrow in the near future. 

12:30 PM - Sysmex

    “Flow Cytometry Data Analysis in the Clinical Laboratory Setting: When Efficiency Meets Compliance.”

    David Buschke, PhD
    Snr. Product Manager, Flow Cytometry
    Sysmex America

    One of the most important but time-consuming activities is sample preparation. By listening to customers, Sysmex has developed the PS-10 Flow Cytometry Sample Preparation System that alleviates the primary bottleneck in today’s busy clinical flow cytometry laboratory, while providing unparalleled flexibility for the creation of protocols for potentially complex, laboratory developed tests. The PS-10 is able to adapt to existing standard operating procedures, while providing efficient automation for high throughput operation.

    1:00 PM - Beckman Coulter

      “Interpretation of Flow Cytometry for Leukemia and Lymphoma Diagnosis:  ClearLLab Casebook as an Educational Tool”

      Brent Wood MD PhD
      Professor, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
      Director, SCCA Pathology
      Medical Director, SCCA Laboratories
      University of Washington, Seattle, WA

      One of the challenges facing L&L flow cytometry labs is the need to train their staff on flow data interpretation Standardized IVD leukemia and lymphoma immunophenotyping assays are now commercially available. The ClearLLab 10C system includes a Casebook which is an educational tool for interpretation of flow L&L data generated with the system. Representative cases were selected from clinical trial data were reviewed, annotated and interpreted by Dr. Wood and his associates.

      In this Lunch & Learn session Dr. Wood will describe how the ClearLLab 10C Casebook can be used as an educational tool for laboratory staff.

      Sample cases from the Casebook and their interpretations will be discussed.