We recognize the role great mentorship can play in success. Women often do not have female role models to look up to and emulate, yet studies have shown that women mentoring women can make a significant difference in the success and job satisfaction of both. Do you desire to mentor other women in your field or to be mentored?

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    All participating mentors are listed below with available mentors indicated with a "*". You can learn more about available mentors by clicking on their name. You can apply for a mentorship clicking the button below.

    1. Briefly describe the type of institution in which you are employed or are familiar with (academic, pharma, biotech, reference lab etc) and the nature of your job.

    I work at a small biotech company hence I wear many “hats” at my current position. As a Tech rep., I work with our current/potential customers to guide them through the process of best microparticle or nanoparticles products. If trouble finds its way in experiments, I aid in troubleshooting protocol by conducting similar tests internally. In addition, I help set specifications for custom products as well as evaluating the new products.

    2. What would you consider your area of expertise?

    I am experienced with variety of Flow Cytometers and Spectrofluorometers as well as other analytical instrumentation.

    3. What areas do you feel comfortable discussing, i.e. academic success criteria, work-life balance, surviving in industry, how to negotiate etc.?

    As a recent graduate, I am comfortable discussing the processing of landing the first job and transitioning from backpack to briefcase. I would be happy to give tips on how to negotiate, how to communicate with upper management, and how to prioritize work load.

    4. In general, how available are you?

    I am available weekends for face-to-face time and always by email!

    Karen Domenico
    Syndette Joy S. Fabello
    Mary Duenzl
    Maryalice Stetler-Stevenson
    Teri Oldaker
    Julia Bass
    Silvia T. Bunting
    Elizabeth C Stone
    Connie Yuan
    Irina Grigorieva
    Andrea Illingworth
    Jonni Moore
    Jeannine Holden
    Jolene Cardinali
    Michelle Tseng
    Lori Anderson
    Virginia Litwin
    Robbi Montgomery