corporate lunch & learn

The Corporate Lunch & Learn sessions will be held on Sunday, September 30 from 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM and offer an opportunity for you to hear about the latest products from the participating companies. There is no charge to attend. This is a "bring your own lunch" session. Attendees that arrive at the session by 12:10 PM will receive a 10 USD Visa gift card as compensation for their lunch purchase.

The schedule will be posted below once it becomes available.

12:00 PM - BD Biosciences

    “Operational Efficiency: Workflows to Minimize Risk and Optimize Turnaround”

    David Bloxham, MSc FIBMS FRCPath
    Principal Biomedical Scientist, Haematopathology and Oncology Diagnostic Service
    Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

    Throughout the course of time, certain discoveries have dramatically transformed the progress of mankind: electricity, pasteurization, x-rays, liquid crystals, penicillin, DNA – just to name a few. But what about the technological tools used to realize such ground-breaking discoveries?

    At BD, our mission is about sharing how we can help advance science. At its heart – how indispensable the tools of flow cytometry are and their use to realize scientific goals and discoveries to advance the world of health.

12:30 PM - Beckman Coulter

    “Flow Cytometry Data Analysis in the Clinical Laboratory Setting: When Efficiency Meets Compliance.”

    Dr. Nicole Weit
    Marketing Manager Global Cytometry Business Unit
    Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

    With technical advances in flow cytometry instrumentation and the availability of multi-color reagents, the complexity of assays performed in clinical labs has increased accordingly. Analysis of generated data with the same software for acquisition can be time consuming without the power to display multi-dimensional data or for rare event analysis.

    In this Lunch & Learn session Dr. Nicole Weit will describe how the new Kaluza C flow cytometry software provides tools for efficient data analysis and features which facilitate the visualization of high-complexity data whilst providing tools to support compliance with relevant regulatory guidelines.

    An explanation of tree and radar plots and how these mitigate the need to explore an increasing number of bivariate plots and numbers of markers per test will also be presented.

1:00 PM - Fluidigm

    “Mass Cytometry in Clinical Research: Application to Leukemia and Immune Monitoring”

    Gregory Behbehani, MD, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
    The Ohio State University

    Greg Stelzer, PhD
    Director of Mass Cytometry Market Development

    Mass cytometry enables the simultaneous measurement of over 40 parameters at single-cell level, expanding on the breadth and depth of cell sample characterization allowed by conventional cytometry. High-dimensional cell surface marker analysis combined with simultaneous measurement of functional parameters allows clinical research samples to be characterized more efficiently and in novel ways including single-tube deep immune profiling, analysis of global differentiation status and measurement of cell cycle state in stem cells.

    In this Lunch and Learn session, Greg Behbehani will present comparative analysis of leukemia samples by a research mass cytometry assay and a 10-color flow cytometry assay used in a clinical laboratory, showing that research mass cytometry can generate data highly comparable to that of clinical flow cytometry. Greg Stelzer will describe the new Fluidigm Maxpar® Human Immune Monitoring Panel Kit, a single-tube, pre-titrated 29-marker panel kit for human immune monitoring that comes with access to an automated data analysis solution. Such advances are moving mass cytometry closer to a future role in health care decision making.

    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


1:30 PM - Sysmex

“A New Vision for Flow Cytometry”

Grant Howes
Snr. Marketing Manager, Flow Cytometry
Sysmex America

Thoughtful automation for a new level of workflow efficiency.

Sysmex is introducing a range of flow cytometry products for the clinical laboratory, from ASR monoclonal antibody reagents to multicolor analytical systems.

One of the most important but time-consuming activities is sample preparation. By listening to customers, Sysmex has developed the PS-10 Flow Cytometry Sample Preparation System that alleviates the primary bottleneck in today’s busy clinical flow cytometry laboratory, while providing unparalleled flexibility for the creation of protocols for potentially complex, laboratory developed tests. Available soon, the PS-10 is able to adapt to existing standard operating procedures, while providing efficient automation for high throughput operation.

After samples are prepared, the Sysmex XF-1600 flow cytometer (under development) is seamlessly integrated into the laboratory’s workflow, offering full connectivity, automated data acquisition and direct compatibility with off-line analysis programs such as VenturiOne, from Applied Cytometry.

All aspects of the Sysmex Flow Cytometry System will be presented.