corporate lunch & learn

The Corporate Lunch & Learn sessions will be held on Sunday, October 1 from 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM  and offer an opportunity for you to hear about the latest products from the participating companies. There is no charge to attend. The first 100 attendees to arrive by 12:10 PM, will receive a complimentary boxed lunch, while supplies last.

12:00 PM - Cytek Biosciences

    “Design and Optimization of a Multi-Color Panel for Diagnosis and Follow Up of Childhood B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemias (B-ALL) on the Cytek® Northern LightsTM - CLC Flow Cytometer”

    Paul K. Wallace
    Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
    Buffalo, NY

    Flow cytometry is routinely used in clinical laboratories for the diagnosis of childhood leukemias and to quantify levels of residual disease during and after treatment. The Cytek® Northern Lights™ - CLC full spectrum flow cytometer has provided a powerful new tool for simultaneously identifying and analyzing multiple antigens in hematological malignancies. With this technology, we have the ability to combine up to 25 markers in one tube, thus gaining greater insight and efficiency in the acquisition and analysis of patient samples. As with any flow cytometry assay, careful panel design and assay optimization are essential. In this presentation, we will discuss the process of designing and optimizing a 24-color B cell panel for diagnosis and follow up in childhood B-ALL, including considerations for choice of fluorochromes.

12:30 PM - BD Biosciences

    “Mastering data analysis with BD InfinicytTM Software”

    DAlberto Orfao
    University of Salamanca

    We invite you to join us for a lunch and learn to discuss how BD InfinicytTM Software can complement your standardized and efficient research laboratory solutions. BD InfinicytTM Software is a standalone analysis solution for increasingly demanding workloads. FCS file compatible, this software offers a variety of classic manual analysis options and several more-advanced capabilities, such as automated gating and identification. Developed in partnership with the EuroFlow™ consortium, this software offers automated analysis and reporting for predefined Next Generation FloTM research panels. We look forward to seeing you at ICCS 2023 in New Orleans!.

    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

    1:00 PM - Slingshot Biosciencess

      "Optimizing Controls for Flow Cytometry"

      Sarah Kotanchiyev
      Slingshot Biosciences, Inc.

      Patty Davis
      ARUP Laboratories

      Clinical flow cytometry laboratories rely on quality control materials to ensure the accuracy of their tests and the performance of their reagents. These materials, which include cryopreserved blood, cell lines, and patient samples, are essential for conducting specific assays. However, finding appropriate controls for populations with unique expressed antigens or rare populations often proves challenging. This is where Slingshot Biosciences comes in. Slingshot Biosciences offers customized hydrogels that accurately mimic human blood populations and circumvent the need for sourcing blood. These ”cell mimics” can be tailored to represent clinical phenomena like CD34 expansion, or biological expression patterns in disorders like mast cell disease. Both of these examples do not currently have commercially available quality control materials. Our collaborator, Patricia Davis from ARUP Laboratory, will join our discussion on evaluating synthetic mast cell particles, which were found to perform similarly across multiple cytometers and were stable for an extended amount of time with minimal loss of fluorescence intensity. The particles were also found to be specific for target markers with no off-target binding. Slingshot Biosciences' scalable manufacturing process ensures consistent calibration of instruments, eliminates variability, and saves time and money in qualifying QC material.

    1:30 PM - Sysmex America, Inc.

      “Making Sense of Automation in the Flow Lab”

      Troy Rudzinski
      Co-Founder and VP

      With increasing demands on the flow lab and often, without the benefit of additional technologists, the PS-10TM Flow Cytometry Sample Preparation System and other Sysmex Flow Cytometry solutions work together to help optimize workflows ensuring confidence in results that are standardized and robust. The latest enhancements and their benefits will be presented.