Luncheon Workshops

Luncheon workshops will be offered on Monday, October 11 and Tuesday, October 12. Lunch is included with each luncheon workshop registration. You may register to attend one workshop on each day.

Pre-registration is highly recommended as most workshops do sell out due to limited space. Workshops are 60 USD each.

Note: These lunch workshops are only available if you are attending the ICCS In-Person Meeting.

The schedule is listed below.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 11 (12:00-1:30 PM)

LUNCHEON WORKSHOP 1: Quality Assurance for Quantitative Assays  

LUNCHEON WORKSHOP 2: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Troubleshooting Your Clinical Flow Cytometry Assay

LUNCHEON WORKSHOP 3: Using Social Media to Enhance Your Profession and Practice  

LUNCHEON WORKSHOP 4: Surviving and Thriving as a New Flow Cytometry Lab Director


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12 (11:30-1:00 PM)

LUNCHEON WORKSHOP 5: Monitoring for Minimal Residual Disease after Targeted Immunotherapy

LUNCHEON WORKSHOP 6: Teaching Flow Cytometry to New Trainees

LUNCHEON WORKSHOP 7: A Road Map for Quality and Competence: Building a High-Level Flow Cytometry Laboratory Using ISO 15189 as a Guide

LUNCHEON WORKSHOP 8: Panel Development: Making the Jump from 8 to More Colors