Free Educational Resources

ICCS has a large number of clinical educational resources, created by the hardworking members of our Education and Quality & Standards Committees. These resources include videos, quality and standards modules, e-learning activities, case studies, Q&A modules, and newsletter articles to name a few. Many of these resources are created jointly by committee members and undergo peer review.

Several of these educational materials are available to ICCS members only; however, the following resources are open access and we encourage you to share them with your students, trainees, and colleagues.

Open access resources include:
Q&S modules
Ask an Expert
Videos produced by the Clinical Cytometry Education Network (CCEN)

ICCS would also like to highlight the Hematopathology Virtual Curriculum available at the Society for Hematopathology website.

Another great way to keep up with the latest from the society is to join us on Twitter. Posting of new educational offerings will be announced from our Twitter handle @ICCS_Education.

Introduction to Flow Cytometry
Introduction to Flow Cytometry
This presentation provides an introduction to the fundamental concepts of flow cytometry, including the technology used to identify cells of interest and an a few examples of the results obtained and how those results are used.