Other Committees

Other Committees

Program Committee

Selected by the Vice President, the ICCS Program Committee includes individuals with diverse backgrounds and experience who help to design the annual meeting program. The group convenes in February and typically holds monthly conference calls to discuss potential topics and presenters, with the goal of finalizing the program in May. Often Program Committee members are charged with identifying possible topics for one of the plenary sessions, contacting potential presenters, chairing the session at the meeting and writing a summary for the ICCS newsletter.

Chair: Sindhu Cherian
Adam Seegmiller
Fiona Craig
Hao-Wei Wang
Kristi Wolniak
Melanie Odonahue
Mike Keeney
Mike Linden
Paul Wallace
Sara Monaghan
Sunita Park
Sylvia Bunting
Virginia Litwin
Wolfgang Kern

Nominating Committee

The purpose of this committee shall be to select a slate of candidates for the elective positions in the Council and to present this slate to the Secretary-Treasurer. This Committee shall consist of at least three regular members appointed by the President. Committee members must not be from the same institution.

Fiona Craig
Sindhu Cherian
Mike Keeney
Jolene Cardinali