Education Committee

The goal of the ICCS Education Committee is to provide educational materials to the membership.

Committee members work to identify topics of interest and create educational materials using a variety of modalities, including the eNewsletter, videos, web presentations, Case Study Interpretation (CSI) cases, the ICCS website Question & Answer section and e-learning activities. The committee members are divided into subcommittees, as needed. The Education Committee collaborates with other ICCS committees, such as the Quality and Standards and Advocacy committees, and distributes related materials and updates. The Education Committee also works in partnership with the Clinical Cytometry Education Network (CCEN), formed by ESCCA and ICCS for the global distribution of educational materials.

Appointments are made by the committee Chair, after consideration of an application and letter of recommendation from an ICCS member. Elected terms are for 3 years, with the option of reappointment for a second term. The ICCS Course Director and President are ex officio members of the Education committee.

Interested in joining the Education Committee? Use the link in the right menu to download the application and submit it to

Chair: George Deeb
Aaron Shaver
Amr Rajab
Adam Seegmiller
Andrea Illingworth
Andrea Marcogliese
Bakul Dalal
Ben Hedley
David Grier
David Ng
Elisabeth Weiss
Franklin (Buddy) Fuda
Genevieve Crane
Giovanni Insuasti
Horatiu Olteanu
Huifei Liu
Jin Gross
Jolene Cardinali
Jonathan Fromm
Karina Baggiani
Katalin Kelemen
Katherine Devitt
Liuyan (Jennifer) Jiang
Mai MaGahan
Olga Weinberg
Saja Asakrah
Sanam Loghavi
Srishti Gupta
Stacy League
Talal Mahdi
Wei Cui
Weina Chen
Xueyan Chen